Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The sniffles & What's to come!

Hey everyone!  

So a lot has been going on in the last couple of days.  For starters both "The Man" and I  have colds.  AB had a tiny one earlier this past week but she seems to be doing just fine.    Also, I have been working on AB's 2nd birthday.  Getting all my pins from Pinterest organized so I can start working on all my projects and a few we've already started.  "The Man" has put an idea into a reality this past weekend and it's almost ready for paint!

I will post a tutorial on most of the projects we are creating to make AB's birthday a hit.  The theme: Sesame Street, The date, at the very end of the month! EEKK! I was going to start the invites tonight so I can get them out next week, however we got interrupted by a sales person.  She was sweet so we enjoyed her time.  Plus we got a free gift to listen in.  Towards the end I was sold till I saw the price YIKES!  I love me a good vacuum, but $4,000, come on!!  Then "The Man" decided to see if he could get her hired at his company because she is currently in the Army Guard!  Awe, he's such a softy when it comes to the military! LOVE HIM! 


"Can You Tell Me How To Get To"........

I have a really exciting tutorial coming up once "the man" is finished with the drilling!! ;)  He has turn the idea of a Sesame Street St post into a reality!  IT lights up and every thing.  It seems to be a pretty popular theme as far as birthdays go.  I've been seeing it pop up all over Pinterest!  I just know AB is in love, so there for it's a must!  

Well until next time, keep creating, living, and obsessing!

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