Friday, June 20, 2014

Vintage Chanel Bridal Shower

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Hey guys!! Have you missed me? Today I'm sharing the bridal shower I put together for one of my best friends! She is already married and her wedding was fabulously gorgeous. 

Below is the invitation I sent out to all the ladies. Since I'm in the graphic design business, I made them. They are 5x7 chalkboards that I stained. I sanded the chalkboard part to give it a used look and made a custom vinyl invite for the inner part. It turned out fab! They were mailed in white invitation boxes. These will be available in my shop hopefully by the end of summer for my wedding collection. 

A few weeks before the shower I took photos of the lovely couple to display at her shower. They turned out amazing. We hung them around with twine and little wooden clothesline clips with doilies in between.

Almost every detail was custom made by myself or a tom of help from my parents. More on that down the post. :)

With the help of my mom and dad we put together these hat boxes the night before. Crazy! I know.. I have time management issues. Haha. I painted the base white and used a antique spray to make them look vintage. My dad and mom helped cut and put the paper on the lids and I mod podged them. 

Inside the favor hat boxes:
1.) scarf 
2.) small whimsical vintage frame
3. China tea cup and plate turned into a candle. (My dad made them)- I know, he's amazing. And if you all knew him you would be shocked he did that. Let's just say he's stone cold Steve Austin meets your average hunter/fisherman. 
4.) chanel perfume. (You can buy samples on ebay!)
5.) nail polish with a file tied with twine. 

There might of been something else, but I can't remember. Haha. 

The food table was all done by the brides mom. And it was all amazing. I gathered fine china plates in various sizes and my mom had ordered the hardware to have my dad put together the china stands. I just love them. The bride even used them for her wedding. I kept a few. The hardware was $5 I think on ebay and you get 5 sets. That was one of the many cheap projects.   I also found with the help of my moms amazing good eye sliver players at a thrift store. 

The games table!! I found a lot of my game ideas on Pinterest and you guys can check out my board here.

A few of the games we played were:
-Who Am I?
-The Price is Right
-What's in my Purse?
-How well do you know the bride?

All the printables for the shower were designed by me. (Soon to be added to the shop). 

The alcoholic beverage of choice. It's called the dreamer. 

.Pink lemonade.
.Whipped volka.
.Whip cream on top. 

Table settings were simple and fab. A lot of vintage flare mixed with romance. 
The Chanel logos were made out of gold vinyl that I designed in illustrator and cut out with my Cameo. These will be available for free if any one wishes to use them.  Please send me a message and I will send you the file. :)

The cake/cupcakes was beyond amazing. The brides mom picked out the piece that make this wedding dress the icing on the cupcake! ;) 

Well there you have it. Please ask any questions you may have. Keep creating, living, and obsessing. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Play Bakery

Hey guys!  Today I'm going to show you my final entry for blog wars.  I also have the 3rd round coming up too, however, that is a tutorial so I will be posting that in the near future.  For the final round I really wanted to give all I could in the short amount of time that I had to give it. ;)  We found this entertainment center on craigslist for $30.  It was in such great shape!  I knew I wanted to turn it into something great for AB.  So I turned it into a play bakery complete with pretend cake pops, pretend cookies, and pretend sprinkles.

Below is the before and after picture.

As you can see below the bakery lights up! :)  It was hard to get a good picture of it in the daylight outside so we did have this shot of it before it was finished so you guys could get an idea of how it looks all lit. :)  I just love it!

I made the cookies from wood circle cuts from Michael's.  I bought a small and a large size disc.  I painted them and then hot glued them together.  and of course, cookies would not be complete in a bakery with out the cookie bags.  I picked up the bags and the embellishments as well at Michael's. The cake pops where also wood pieces I found at Michael's.  I already had the lolli pop sticks from making real cake pops so I used the left overs for this craft!  Aren't they so fun?  I just love the stand with the glitter tape from American Crafts.

The sprinkles are made out of tiny beads that I bought at Michael's.  I put them in clear salt and pepper shakers from the dollar tree.  (To make sure they didn't spill out, on the inside of the lids I put clear tape.)

The menu chalkboard was made from one of those laser cut wood frames from Michael's. I stained the frame using a light gray color. Then, I took the bottom part of the drawer from the entertainment center and used it as the backing for the chalkboard.  Then cut out in vinyl the Menu design I designed in illustrator. 

"The Man" made the shelves from spice rack molding and a small sheet of wood we had in the garage.
Most of all the accessories for the bakery were found at the dollar tree, (Glasses and baking sheets).

The sign was found at Michael's and I just painted it white and added the details on the side and cut the bakery out of vinyl with my cameo.

There is still a few things I would like to add to it to make it 100% complete.  I plan on putting a mirror behind the shelving in the door part. And I also want to add a back part with some cute bakery styling in the main play part of it.  We originally thought it would be fun to play behind it like taking orders and stuff, but "The Man" pointed out, "Who is going to put that huge thing out in the middle of a room so kids can play behind it?"  haha.  He's right! (Don't tell him that) ;)  So I will have to come up with something for the inner back part and something on the other side. :)  I'm open to ideas!!!

Until next time, keep creating, living, and obsessing!

Monday, April 14, 2014

It's been TOO long...

It's been too long people!!  I have been so busy since I have last posted on here.  I'm not sure you all knew, but during blog wars I was pregnant!  And it was an extremely rough pregnancy (more on that later).


I had a beautiful baby girl!  On October 21, 2013 we welcomed Emelia Rose into our family!

We were so indecisive on picking a name. ( In other words, "The man" and I could not agree on any!)  No one knew her name until she was born so we announced her arrival with the picture to the left. :)  It was a cute way to announce it especially because I didn't do anything fun for when we told people we were expecting number 2!  I made the custom sticker to put on her.  She is now 5 months old and my world!  AB just loves her little sister.  She even asked me yesterday is we could figure out a way to get another one in my tummy. haha.  ( 4year olds.)  What else?..   I have been working like crazy.  I am very thankful for how successful my home business has become.  I was extremely busy around the holidays selling about 130 Grandkids signs.  It was CRAY-ZAY! "The man" helped so much!  And I have been also busy with new invitations and all the other fun party designs.  I did a lot of crafting and designing for my BFF's wedding.  Ashley just got married on 3/22/14.  It was a gorgeous vintage/rustic wedding.  And AB also just had her 4th birthday (Sofia the First themed)  During my time away I have taken tons of photos of potential posts for the blog.  It was always a, "Hey! That would be great for the blog!"  So I will be able to have some old content but new for you guys. :)  We are currently working on so many projects around the house that I'm going to have to focus on one to finish something so I don't have so many uncompleted projects and rooms, one of them being Emelia's room. :)  I'm hoping to start that next week. 

The Seahawks won the Super Bowl!!!  That made "The Man" so happy.  Since he's from Washington and we live in Washington, They are his team.  I will say they are mine by default. :)  Although I do love college football and since I'm from Idaho and went to BSU, they are and forever will be, my team.

That's really all the major things that have happened.  Work and two beautiful girls have kept me very busy. :)  I have already been writing some posts on the last two entries of blog wars from 2013. :)  I still to this day can't believe I won! :)  I'm so grateful for everyone that voted!  So you will be seeing those here shortly.  But…

Until next time keep Creating, Living, and Obsessing!

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