Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Garden Baby Shower

Hello everyone!

Once again it feels like everyone is getting pregnant. It's that time of the season I suppose. Today I want to share with everyone my wonder baby shower that mom threw for me when I was pregnant last year. And as you all know, I love to be hands on. My mom took my ideas and went with it. I don't have pictures from the time everyone got there, I wish I did, but no one was instructed to take photos for me. However, I did manage to snag some photos before everyone arrived.
P.S. This will be a long one!! Enjoy!

Because my shower was in February it was too cold to have it outside, but the ironic thing was Annabelle was born in the spring.

Here is a look at the table as my mom was beginning to set it up.

The idea was to have a little bit of everyone's grandma's house with the floral prints and lace to give that tea party feel.
The little umbrella's were a great find by my mom. The lace is pink and the structure is white. I ended up keeping them for Annabelle to play with once she got older, but I also plan on using them once again for her first birthday party that is coming up.
The diaper cake was the center piece to the table,(which was made by my mom).
Fresh spring flowers were placed in vases all around the house. I have no idea how she found them since it was still winter.
My mom pulled out her carnival glass, which added a great touch to the whole feel of the party. The punch bowl was so yummy too. She had to get diet everything for me because I had gestational diabetes. It was horrible but I did so good on my sugar intake so I could have a cupcake!

Every guest had their very own unique and large tea cups filled with the necessities to the games, also candy, and a package of flower seeds. She added pens for everyone to keep, because we all know how it can be a pain to hand out pencils or what not during the shower.
She ordered cupcakes from the local bakery. They were super yummy, however, me being the perfectionist that I am, I think I could of done a way better job decorating them on my own.
You can see the tag hanging off the tea cup, it was a nice touch of a little thank you to everyone that came. :)

The raffle, was for all the flowers my mom put in vases. I believe there was a total of four of them. Was one of the popular game features.
My mom set up the living room so everyone would be able to see me. (I am the center of attention after all.. JK).

The flower rugs were a nice touch of decor. They were actually a part of my gift from my mom for Annabelle's Nursery. ( I will post pictures of her nursery at a later time, something to look forward too).

All the teacups and vases were found at either thrift stores or I believe even Ross, Michael's, or TJ MAX.

I kept the diaper cake up in Annabelle's Nursery for as long as I could. It had to be my favorite thing of the party.

So, the idea of the party was to send in the invitations a little message about everyone coming in their own garden hats, but the trick was to make them. The best one won a prize. This was mine. I made it actually the night before my husband and I had to hit the road to drive across two states to get there.

Just a few pictures of the present table.


That was it. It was so much fun and everyone had such a great time. Thanks for stopping by. :)

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