Friday, June 20, 2014

Vintage Chanel Bridal Shower

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Hey guys!! Have you missed me? Today I'm sharing the bridal shower I put together for one of my best friends! She is already married and her wedding was fabulously gorgeous. 

Below is the invitation I sent out to all the ladies. Since I'm in the graphic design business, I made them. They are 5x7 chalkboards that I stained. I sanded the chalkboard part to give it a used look and made a custom vinyl invite for the inner part. It turned out fab! They were mailed in white invitation boxes. These will be available in my shop hopefully by the end of summer for my wedding collection. 

A few weeks before the shower I took photos of the lovely couple to display at her shower. They turned out amazing. We hung them around with twine and little wooden clothesline clips with doilies in between.

Almost every detail was custom made by myself or a tom of help from my parents. More on that down the post. :)

With the help of my mom and dad we put together these hat boxes the night before. Crazy! I know.. I have time management issues. Haha. I painted the base white and used a antique spray to make them look vintage. My dad and mom helped cut and put the paper on the lids and I mod podged them. 

Inside the favor hat boxes:
1.) scarf 
2.) small whimsical vintage frame
3. China tea cup and plate turned into a candle. (My dad made them)- I know, he's amazing. And if you all knew him you would be shocked he did that. Let's just say he's stone cold Steve Austin meets your average hunter/fisherman. 
4.) chanel perfume. (You can buy samples on ebay!)
5.) nail polish with a file tied with twine. 

There might of been something else, but I can't remember. Haha. 

The food table was all done by the brides mom. And it was all amazing. I gathered fine china plates in various sizes and my mom had ordered the hardware to have my dad put together the china stands. I just love them. The bride even used them for her wedding. I kept a few. The hardware was $5 I think on ebay and you get 5 sets. That was one of the many cheap projects.   I also found with the help of my moms amazing good eye sliver players at a thrift store. 

The games table!! I found a lot of my game ideas on Pinterest and you guys can check out my board here.

A few of the games we played were:
-Who Am I?
-The Price is Right
-What's in my Purse?
-How well do you know the bride?

All the printables for the shower were designed by me. (Soon to be added to the shop). 

The alcoholic beverage of choice. It's called the dreamer. 

.Pink lemonade.
.Whipped volka.
.Whip cream on top. 

Table settings were simple and fab. A lot of vintage flare mixed with romance. 
The Chanel logos were made out of gold vinyl that I designed in illustrator and cut out with my Cameo. These will be available for free if any one wishes to use them.  Please send me a message and I will send you the file. :)

The cake/cupcakes was beyond amazing. The brides mom picked out the piece that make this wedding dress the icing on the cupcake! ;) 

Well there you have it. Please ask any questions you may have. Keep creating, living, and obsessing. 


  1. I kind of want to get married again so you can throw me a bridal shower. This is absolutely stunning!

  2. I will tell you what! I will help you with your beautiful girls. If I still remember. Haha. ;)

  3. My sister is going to tie knot soon so want to throw her a bridal shower at one of event venues. Will have handmade invitation cards for all guests. Will take my friend’s help who is an event planner. Hope will be able to make her day memorable.


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