Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY Super Hero Costume

Hey Everyone!

Round one results came in and I made into round two!  I want to thank everyone who voted, even if you didn't happen to vote for mine, I'm so thankful for your votes for the other tough competitors! For a look at the results you can hit up this link here!  I know I don't post pictures of my daughter on my blog, but I kind of had to take a picture of the costume  I made with her in it so you guys could see it from head to toe!  The Mask is by far my favorite part!  I fell in love with those pink eyelashes!  On to the project! :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Round One Voting and NEWS!

Hey Everyone!

I submitted my project to Jonie at http://just-between-friends.com to the round one of Blog Wars.  I'm so terrified.  All the projects are so amazing.  It will be hard for everyone to pick their top 3.  I can't even decide! Hopefully you guys like mine.  Even though I can't tell you which one is mine or offer any hints.  All in all, it was so much fun creating my project and hopefully I am able to move on and keep processing out my ideas using all the amazing products the lovely sponsors have sent us to use.

In other words… If you follow along on our Facebook page most of you already know this.  But for those that just subscribe by email or other ways…….
Yes, I am pregnant!  Yay for babies! ;)
I'm 16 weeks along and finally feeling wonderful!  I've been so sick the first trimester I wasn't able to do much of anything, even CRAFT!- I know right!  I even had to shut down my shop for the time being, a whole 3 months!  But now, I'm able to keep food down and my weight is going back up.  Hard to believe I lost 10lbs the first trimester, but it's common with me.  With AB I lost 14lbs.  I will be giving updates on my pregnancy as time goes by.  Later this weekend I will start my first ever pregnancy post!  YAY! You will get to hear all my cravings, clothes shopping for maternity, and each week I will ask AB what she feels about baby becoming apart of our family.  I'm also a high risk pregnancy and will get into that all on the post.  I'm sure tons of ladies can relate!

Well that's all the news I have for now!  But get out there and vote!  Just follow the link below or click the picture above! 

Until next time, keep creating, living, and obsessing!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Wars!

Hey Everyone!

Right around this time of the year there are all these amazing blog contests.  For crafty lovers like myself.  Most of you know I entered into one last year that was my very first.  The "One Crafty Contest"  And made it all the way to round 3.  This year I entered into Blog wars over at the "Just Between Friends" blog.  I am so excited because I love her blog!  And not only is every contest different but I just love coming up with ideas and completing them to show you all.  Now that I am in my second trimester and feel GREAT.  I get to get back to what I love doing. :)  So I entered into the contest and found out I made top 12!  How exciting is that!  The contest starts next monday so make sure you all follow along if you don't already.  You can click the link above and it will direct you to Jonie's lovely blog.  Also, on her blog it goes over the contest so you all know what to expect every week.  If you would love to go check out all the lovely contest sponsors, just head on over to this link here.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lamps.Com Contest and Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!

So I have some very exciting news for not only My Simple Obsession, but for our readers TOO!  Recently we were contacted by Lamps.com to enter into their DIY Chandelier Face Off.  

HOW COOL! Right?

I don't know about you all but I love lamps.com.  I am always on there looking for new lights when it comes to upgrading my standard builder grade lights.  My 3 year old and "the man" call them "Boobie Lights"- I know Right.  You know you all have thought it too.

.So Anyways.

Here is the cool part.  If we win, My simple obsession gets a $100 Gift card to Lamps.com and one of our lucky READERS will get a chance to win a $100 Gift card as well!  Awesome Right!  So here is what we have to do.  Go to this Link HERE and vote for the White beaded Chandelier.  There can only be one vote per email address.  If you have multiple address GREAT! The more the merrier! Also, Share, Share, Share.

The more that we get this out the better chance that we will be able to share the lucky prize with one of you!
Voting ends May 17th!

Currently I have my eye on one these beauties for my living room.

Which fixture from Lamps.com would you get if you won the $100 gift card?
Until next time keep creating, living, and obsessing.
So get out there and Vote!

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