Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Flowers & Traveling Workout

In the last blog I promised a healthy made over Oreo pie, but my weekend was bogged down with getting ready to travel for work and other plans...but I did happen to create a flower arrangement in a pumpkin and sucessfully made my first bow (thanks YouTube)!

I took a large pumpkin and cut the top off...much larger than you would do if you are carving it.
Cleaned out all the guts and then sprayed the inside with bleach
I took a round tin and put two pots of mums inside. Make sure you don't put the flowers directly into the pumpkin as you will still need to water them.
I picked up some artificial flowers at Wal-Mart and filled the pumpkin around the sides with them.
Took my brown ribbon hot glues it to my pumpkin and then took my first ever created bow (can you tell I'm super excited about creating my first bow) and glued it to my ribbon.
TAA-DAA! There you have it! Flower arrangement in a pumpkin! So even if you aren't as crafty as Sarah (like me) you can create this easy peasy! :)

The birthday girl loved it! I'm thinking I may need to make one for my Thanksgiving centerpiece...with a white pumpkin because I'm overly obsessed with them for some reason...

So after my crafting I got to business getting ready for my accounting conference...sounds boring, right?! But it is in sunny Vegas and with the weather here in Seattle I'm sure it will be nice to have 85 degree weather.  

I like to stay on track even though I'm not going to be home. That means eating healthy and exercising. The room where I'm staying doesn't have a microwave or refrigerator so my eating will be limited. I'm packing slim fast (i usually don’t buy these because they are high in sugar), bananas, apples, peanut butter, canned chicken, crackers, and protein bars. I read online that the place I'm staying has an awesome salad bar in their buffet..So I’ll be hitting that up for dinner. Pair it with some protein and call it good! :)

Sadly, the hotel also charges for their gym. So instead of paying the $15 a day..I decided I could totally make my own regime up and still get a good workout. I did it last Friday and I was sore the next day and felt like I got an awesome workout.

I have 3lbs dumbbells that I'm going to bring with me. It only takes 30 mins and believe me...I was sweating like crazy!

You do each exercise for one minute. Each set consist of cardio, strength, and abs. Here are the exercises I did below:

Set 1
Jumping Jacks
Bicep curls
Set 2
Lateral Raises
bicycle crunch
Set 3
Mountain Climbers
Shoulder presses
Set 4
Front raises
Side planks (30 sec each side)
Set 5
Jump rope (if you don’t have one just pretend)
Wall sits
oblique crunches
Set 6
In place sprints
reverse crunches
Set 7
bent over flies
Set 8
Squat jumps
Hammer Curls
Leg Lifts
Set 9
Butt Kickers
Calf Raises
Oblique Twist
Set 10
High Knees
Lunges (30 sec each leg)
long arm crunch

I tried to take minimal rest between sets..but i must admit I did take them. 20 secs here and there...but never for an extended period of time.

Do you have any traveling tips? Pack your own lunches and snacks to cut down on eating out? I'd love to hear them!


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