Monday, October 8, 2012

On the go Breakfast Burrito

After many many many months here I am finally writing again! Sorry that it has been so long...I wish I could give you excuses, but I don't have any! :) I promise I'll be better on posting...

So onto the blog...

If you are anything like me I'm the type that rolls out of bed in the exact amount of time needed to get ready. Most of the time I have to chose between makeup and breakfast...and we all know what is more important in a girls world, but I also know how very important breakfast is!

At the grocery store I've looked at those pre-bought foods in the freezer section and turn the box around look at the nutrition information--and I go into shock. From the fat to the sodium. It is frankly rather horrible for you!

 For months I've been trying out different things for breakfast. From cottage cheese with fruit to home made McMuffin type sandwiches (but that took too much time) I thought...I can make breakfast burritos in bulk for the week and that will be perfect! And that is exactly what I did! For about 312 calories a have a protein packed yummy filled breakfast burrito.

What you need:
Egg beaters (I use southwestern style, but any kind will work)
Pre cooked Jimmy Dean Turkey Susasge
2 whole eggs
3 egg whites
2 cups shredded potatoes
3 huge handfuls of spinach (optional)
1/2 onion (optional)
1 zucchini shredded
Low Carb tortilla 

  1. Spray a non-stick pan and put your 2 cups of shredded potatoes and shredded zucchini in pan and cook until done
  2. In a bowl put whole carton of egg beaters, 2 whole eggs, and your 3 egg whites and beat well
  3. In a non stick pan put eggs, 3 huge handfuls of spinach, whole bag of turkey sausage and cook until done
  4. Mix cooked potatoes and eggs in a big bowl
  5. Take 10 snack sized zip-lock bags and portion out egg mixture (you can also pre roll them and then roll in tin foil, but my very whiny boyfriend didn't like it that way)  
  6. In the morning take out zip-lock bag and your tortilla wrap it up and warm it for a minute and half ( at this time i like to put salsa on it)Enjoy a stress free Breakfast!

Makes 10 2/3 cups filling---312 calories, 8g fat, 13gcarbs, 21g protein (these calories include the low carb

I often pair it with a fruit, but you can eat it alone and feel completely satifisied.

Now I have time for breakfast and makeup! Win-Win in my eyes!

Do you have any breakfast to go ideas that you would like to share? I'm always looking for new things!

Next on my make a reduced delicious Oreo pie (my bf has this love affair for Oreo and has requested it) Look for the recipe next week!

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