Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Smashing Success

Hey Everyone!

Some of you have been wondering where the Elmo envelope Tutorial went.  I'm not sure what happened to it, however, it's back up and ready for download! :)

AB'S Birthday was a smash success! 

I will get her party pictures put together and make a post out of it soon.  I'm currently editing all the photos that I took! She looked so cute and had so much fun!  Well worth everything I had done for it!

Well Here is the finished project and the tutorial is yet to come later this week so make sure you check back for it! Don't you just Love it!!!  Lot's of hard work we put into it.  And I have to give "The Man" 50% of the credit do to the fact that he put most of it together for me.  It took my plans and my Materials and created just what I had envisioned.  And Yes, IT LIGHTS UP!  

I'm currently working on a Fabulous pantry Makeover inspired by the all fabulous Shelly from House of Smiths.  You can Find my inspiration here.

Until next time Keep creating, living, and obsessing......


  1. Wow you are so awesome! Better than I ever could be. Love you, and can't wait to see your pictures.

  2. I am trying to use the Elmo template. Can you tell me the size of the envelope. I guess I am having trouble printing it large enoough.

    1. Hey Christy! You will want to print the template out on a 12X12 card stock! Hope that helps! :)


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