Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free SVG Fridays?

Hey Everyone!

So, I've been seriously thinking about this Free SVG Friday.  Would you all be interested in getting a free SVG that I design in illustrator?  You would be able to use it with any craft cutter that accepts SVG files. ;)  Let me know in the comments below.

The Pinterest Follower giveaway is coming!  I'm slowly adding to that box.  So once its full I will post what's in it and start the giveaway! ;)

I've been so busy ya'll! I feel like everyone is having a birthday in February! haha  To say the least I will be slowing down on over booking orders for sure.  I've already had to turn so many of you down.  Thank you all for the great comments on my work!  Once that slows down I will hopefully be back with some tutorials.  "The Man" and I are working on my Office/Studio right now.  Getting the plans all in order to get this organized.  Its a chaotic mess!

How was everyone's holiday?  Mine was very busy.  I think I made almost 100 of those Grandkids signs in the shop.  Lots of lucky grannies out there! :)  Didn't leave much time to actually enjoy it.  Well that is my update for now. boring.. I know.  But that's my life right now. haha.  Work, AB, Work, "The Man", Oh and AB's 3rd birthday is coming up. YIKES!  I think we are doing the Chuck e' Cheese thing this year. :)  We Shall see….

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  1. New follower here! Seen you your Grandparents board shared on Facebook =) Love it! And I would LOVE if you had an SVG Friday!


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